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A formal filing with the Secretary of State that amends the original Certificate of Formation to change company name or Registered Agent.

Annual Agent

Same as “Registered Agent.” Annual Agent is required by statute to be appointed by the company to receive and forward legal and government documents on behalf of the company. Sometimes called Annual Agent because services are paid for on an annual basis.

Annual Members Meeting

Not required for LLCs, but still a good idea. A yearly meeting of an LLC's members wherein the previous year is reviewed and the upcoming year is planned. Actions are taken by vote and documented in minutes and resolutions

Annual Report

In Delaware, for LLCs this “report” is simply an invoice for franchise taxes due. Only information contained on the Annual Report is the name of the entity and the franchise tax due.


A separate document required by foreign countries that are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention that attests to the validity of a signature on a document. The apostille allows the foreign country to accept the validity of the U.S. document for use in its territory. Order Apostille


An object possessed or owned by an LLC that has value.

Asset Protection

A method by which an individual or entity protects their assets through the use of multiple LLCs and other entities such as statutory trusts.

Authorized Stock (or Authorized Capital Stock)

LLCs may have stock, but most don't. They usually have Membership Units that denote ownership.


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